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  • Q1.

    What is the income from the RPS business? and Why it needs to choose either only one of the System Marginal Price (SMP) and the Renewable Energy Certificate price?

    A1.There are two incomes that can be earned through the RPS business. One is to earn in-come by selling electricity produced through a power sales contract with Korea Electric Power Corporation or Korea Electric Power Exchange. And On the other hands, you can re-ceive both electricity System Marginal Price and Renewable Energy Certificate revenue.

    ※ Power plant revenue = System Marginal Price (SMP) + Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)

  • Q2.

    Any conditions for doing solar power business?

    A2. A2. Photovoltaic power generation business is available to anyone with the permission of so-lar power generation business. However, in order to make a solar power business, you must own a site or building that can be used to develop a solar power plant. Recently, the solar power business conditions for the site are getting more demanding.

  • Q3.

    I want to do solar power business, but I don’t have enough money. How much is the loan?

    A3. Solar power projects can borrow up to 70% of facility funds. Loan terms and conditions can vary depending on the creditworthiness of the employer, so accurate consultation with the bank is required.

  • Q4.

    How to calculated the estimated return of the Power plant?

    A4. Power Plant Revenue = ① SMP + ② REC
    ① Estimated profit of annual sales (SMP) = Facility capacity (kW) × Daily average power generation time (3.6 hours) × Number of days per year (365 days) × System limit price (KRW / kWh)

    ② Estimated annual REC sales= Facility capacity (kW) × Daily average power generation time (3.6 hours) × Number of days per year (365 days) × Weight × REC price (KRW / REC) ÷ 1,000

    ※ The above formula calculates the expected profit, so the amount of profit may change de-pending on the actual power generation.

  • Q5.

    REC (Renewable Energy Certificate)

    A5. Renewable energy supply based on MWh can be calculated. If you install a 100kW solar power installation, you can choose about 197 REC.
    Annually estimated REC = Annually estimated power generation (MWh) × Weight = Capacity (kW) × Daily average power generation time (h / d) × Yearly number of days (d / y) × Weight ÷ 1,000 = 100 × 3.6 × 365 × 1.5 ÷ 1,000 = approximately 197 REC

    * Actual REC depends on actual power generation

  • Q6.

    How much is the SMP?

    A6. The System Marginal Price can be found on the power exchange website (Power Statis-tics Information System).

  • Q7.

    Standard solar power generation for buildings?

    A7. The photovoltaic power plant for the building should have the whole facilities such as the solar cell module including the support on the upper part of the building where the roof and the outer wall exist.